SHFT/ Cornerstone

Cornerstone Healthcare is a provider of specialist care to older people with complex mental and physical health problems

The staff at the 2 nursing homes operated by Cornerstone are highly trained, requiring regular training updates and the service itself is monitored by CQC, so, providing and evidencing training uptake and compliance is of utmost importance. Staff need to be able manage their own compliance; booking and completing updates as required, managers need to be able to oversee their team compliance & training and the organisation needs to be able to report on and evidence employee compliance.

To achieve this, Cornerstone needed a system that could display and communicate, automatically and in real time, the training needs for an individual, not just to the employee but to their manager and to the business managers as well. The system needed to be able to handle detailed audience building to ensure that the right people are accessing the right training at the right time. They also needed to be able to rely on the reports at the drop of a hat to provide evidence to auditors and regulators that were up to date 24/7.

Having used the Enterprise Study (ES) software within Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust (SHFT), in her previous role, the Cornerstone COO was keen to utilise the software along with the excellent training provision that SHFT provided to support the business with their training needs.

ES provided SHFT with a dedicated and branded client portal ready to be set up with the Cornerstone staff and training details. The Learning Network provided by ES enabled SHFT to simply share their existing catalogue of training and events to the Cornerstone platform without having to duplicate work or attempt to manage separate delegates lists and capacity for the same event.

The combination of ES Learning Network and the client portal meant that SHFT were able to deliver a service to a smaller healthcare provider, income generate and still maintain the same level of administrators and training set up.

For Cornerstone, the software has enabled their staff to manage their own training and compliance via personal log ins easing the burden on their own administrative staff for course booking. It has enabled one stop access to multiple, highly rated training methods such as eLearning, classroom and assessments that otherwise would have sat on separate portals and websites causing staff to have numerous logins and training records. And finally, it has provided them with a ‘real time’ view of their training and compliance.